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I love to write and share my heart with all my readers. I love to watch Netflix, read all the books, and sing to the top of my lungs.  I love Jesus and my family.  I’m a loyal friend and love my friends like family.  I love Friends, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Twilight, and Harry Potter. I also love Justin Timberlake and my husband, but that’s none of your business.

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Party Central and From New York you L.A. both will take you on a journey with Lora Kate London as she discovers who she is as she gets a new job and falls in love. She's clumsy, loves to shop, and has an obsession with the 90s. She can't cook, she hates to clean, and she might be a little irresponsible, but you can't help but love her. Her best friend, Sam Bridges, takes care of her and always has her back.  

My books read like a TV series.  They are fun, quick, and lovable.  They warm your heart like a Hallmark movie. Check them out!  Once you start, you won't want to stop!
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Lora Kate London Series

Party Central

L.K. London, ex-waitress, did not spill coffee on that "nice" man in the restaurant. She threw it. It's fair to say L.K.'s life is a little chaotic. Besides getting fired, her roommate ran off with some internet soul-mate. And now if this hot young coffee addict doesn't find herself a job, she is going to have to sell all of the appliances in her New York City apartment just to get the electricity turned back on. When L.K. stumbles across a wanted ad for a party planner, it seems like the perfect match for her outgoing, witty personality. But with a new boss that is "Matthew McConaughey hot" ready to sweep her right out of her Jimmy Choos and a slightly uncomfortable romance blooming between her new roomie and her best friend, party planning is the least of L.K.'s problems. It's a rollercoaster ride of clumsiness, fighting on Bingo night, flashing Emeril, and tons of cake in Mandy Lawson's Party Central.

Lora Kate London Series

From New York to L.A.

Fall in love with best friend. Check! Move to Los Angeles Check! Be an amazing Boss Babe Check! Commit to boyfriend Uh...not yet Lora Kate London is starting a new job as the boss of Madden Party Company. Her best friend and boyfriend, Sam Bridges, is going to be her new assistant. With her boyfriend trying to get her to commit and her new employees being scared of her, L.K. is feeling the pressure, but all things can be made right with cake, coffee, and a good party. Los Angeles is where all of the celebrities live and L.K. is ready to plan. Lora Kate and Sam take trips to the beach, attend fashion week, make a couple of ER trips, and tumble their way into the holidays. Sam's ready to propose, but L.K. isn't ready for that yet. Will he put a ring on it or will L.K. end up heart broken again?

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